ИП Роспутько Павел Николаевич 


Я хочу тут работать

ИП Роспутько Павел Николаевич 

DICE is the UK’s most innovative live music discovery and ticketing platform and we're going global. We’re all about bringing you closer to the artists you love, and the nights out you’ll remember.

Fans are able to discover and find tickets to the hottest shows, club nights and festivals on the only live music discovery platform that’s built with the user in mind. Every event is handpicked by a team of show-obsessed experts.

We started DICE to completely change how ticketing works. Along the way, we’ve built a powerful cultural platform that has disrupted how fans discover the best new music and events, has the power to break new artists, and keeps tickets of established acts in the hands of fans.

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